I Went Off Whole30 and This Is How I Feel

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to have you back at Tantalizingly Tasteful with me.

A few months ago, I shared that I was giving the Whole30 a go. Whole30 is a program that tells you to cut out certain foods (sugars, grains, etc.) for at least 30 days in the hopes this will cut some inflammation from the body. For more information, take a look at my original blog post and the Whole30 website!

One of my favorite Whole30 eats is a breakfast skillet! Make sure you follow me on Instagram @TantalizinglyTasteful for more food photos and tips!

My Experience

After I shared my initial thoughts with all of you, I ended up completing the full 30 days and, after a brief break for Greek Easter, an additional 15 days or so.

But that’s when having willpower got hard. Summer break was starting, which meant ice cream and iced tea and Italian ices and all that delicious stuff. Before I knew it, I was in too deep, and I always had another excuse not to go back onto the program. Between going to Greece, spending five weeks at camp, and now staying at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic (stay tuned for more details about my summer, coming soon!), sticking to Whole30 just didn’t seem feasible.

I love Ralph’s Italian Ices and when I went after a beach day with my friends, I couldn’t resist getting a cup. I’ve been using moments like this as excuses to stop eating well. Doing Whole30 takes a lot of willpower, and I hope I can have some the next time I try to follow the plan.

So What?

My body suffered, though. In the last few months since I’ve turned my back on Whole30, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body, and not positive ones. I’m going to focus more on how I’m feeling instead of how I look because that is also a big pillar of the Whole30 program, but I will say that my body looked better when I was on the program, too. Also, keep in mind that no doctor confirmed that my stopping the program is linked to these symptoms, but knowing how great my body felt when I was on it leads me to believe that they are indeed correlated.

  1. Heartburn is back, unfortunately: When I was following Whole30, my once daily heartburn finally went away, and I was feeling great. But when I started to go off the program, the heartburn crept back into my life. Now, after almost three months off the plan, I have heartburn almost all day every day and I always feel sick.
  2. And I’m gassy, too: Yeah, I’m going there. It sucks. My body simply can’t digest the crap I’m eating and it’s trying so hard to make that known.
  3. Good nights of sleep are a thing of the past: I was so excited to notice that while I was on Whole30, I was falling asleep easier, sleeping better and snoring less at night. I also had fewer urges to nap. Now, however, my sleep quality has decreased significantly (from 90% to 60%, according to my Sleep Cycle app) and I have such a hard time falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning. I feel like a zombie every day because of this, and I long for the restful nights I had when I was on Whole30.
  4. I don’t want to do anythingAnother positive effect of Whole30 was that I felt motivated and empowered to do things. I wanted to go out, work out, improve my life. Now? Not so much. I’d rather just spend the day in bed and not do anything productive ever. Not a very helpful mindset.
  5. My joints, back and neck hurt more than usual: I’ve also noticed that my joints and back are a lot stiffer since I stopped eating well. Shout out to inflammation! Seriously, my ankles and hips get stuck after I sit, even just for a while, which makes it hard to walk when I stand up. Not enjoyable.
  6. What the heck is going on with my hair?: Okay, I know I said I was going to avoid discussing my looks, but this is about the physical makeup of my hair, too. The texture is just… off. Sure, it’s normal for hair to change every so often, especially with changes in weather, but my hair has really been feeling lack-luster and dry since I took a break from Whole30. Seriously, I want my nice, healthy hair back.

What’s Next?

With all of these negative effects probably coming from me eating like crap, it seems like the only way for me to reverse them again would be to return to Whole30. Once I get back from vacation on Sunday, it’s back to healthy, anti-inflammatory foods meant to make me feel good.

pinterest page.png
Just in case you didn’t believe me, my Whole30 Pinterest board proves just how excited I am to get back into it! So far, it has over 400 pins.

And I can’t wait! I’ve already started my shopping list and meal plan, and I’ve been dreaming about how amazing I’m going to feel again once I’m cooking healthy foods for myself and taking more of a hands-on role in my own health.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is that this doesn’t just apply to me. It can work for you, too. It’s never too late to make healthy changes in your life that help you feel better and live a better quality life. Yes, having the willpower to commit to these changes can be challenging, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? And we should all be here as a community that supports each other as we work towards bettering ourselves.

Please remember that I’m always here to support you, too– in the comments section, over email, on Instagram and Facebook. I’m here for you guys just as much as you’re here for me, so know that my (metaphorical) door is always open!

I’m so looking forward to sharing more about Whole30 with you in the coming weeks and months, so please let me know if there’s any specific content you’d like to see!



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