Fall Fashion: Last Minute Halloween DIYs

Halloween is literally right around the corner (and if you’re in college, Halloweekend starts tonight), and even though I’m pretty sure I have no plans for Halloweekend whatsoever, I can’t stop perusing Pinterest, looking for the cutest (and easiest) costume DIYs.

DIY costumes are great because they’re unique and work double time as a conversation starter. A few years ago, I made myself a cupcake costume out of cardboard and I totally loved it. Granted, I think I was in the eighth grade and have not done anything nearly as creative for Halloween in the years since, but I can still dream.


Here’s a throwback to my favorite DIY Halloween costume, featuring my mom (left) and my Aunt Niki (right). All I did to make my costume was cut two cupcake shapes out of cardboard (there’s one behind me, too), cover the bottom with tin foil where the cupcake liner would be and paint on pink frosting with leftover paint I found in my garage. Then, I cut out little cardboard sprinkles and two cherries and colored them with markers, attaching them to the cardboard with velcro (though, in retrospect, I should’ve used hot glue). I used twine to attack the two cupcake sides and put it over my shoulders.


For those of you who have also procrastinated your costume making, take a look at some of my favorite cheap and easy DIYs!

Wednesday Addams

This costume is not only super simple to make, but also totally cool to portray. The look is really all in the makeup and hair: sullen face, dark lips, black braids. Check out this awesome makeup tutorial by YouTube user Madeyewlook Twice, and browse her channel for even more Halloween inspo! The outfit is also simple enough that you probably have all your necessities (black dress or shirt/skirt combo and black shoes) right in your closet. Just pick up some black tights and a white collar and you’re good to go! Honestly, I think the DIY options I’ve seen online are much cuter than the store-bought ones.


Makeup: one of my fave Wednesday looks via Pinterest

Dress: Black Peter Pan Collar Short Sleeve Shift Dress – $20.99 at SheIn

Flats: Women’s Gigi Point Flats in Black by Christian Siriano for Payless -$24.99 at Payless

Tights: Pack of Two 50 Denier Tights – $10.00 at Topshop

Gumball Machine

I am totally obsessed with this idea. I saw this in a couple of places online and it’s so fun and colorful. Basically, you attach a bunch of different colored pom poms to a tank top and pair it with a red skirt. Then, make a construction paper sign that says 25 cents and a little coin slot and voila! Super simple. Keep your makeup sweet and colorful just like your ensemble! Check out this awesome Youtube tutorial by MissRemiAshton to see how to do this (starting at 1:40) and 14 other adorable and easy costumes!


Outfit: via Pinterest

Tank: St. John’s Bay Essential Tank Top in White – $5.99 at J.C. Penney

Skirt: Plus Size Structured Maxi Tulle Skirt in Red – $39.50 at Soho Girl

Pom Poms: Bright Multicolored Craft Pop Poms in Multi (Pack of 100) – $4.99 at Factory Direct Craft

Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi in Red – $54.99 at Zappos


Show off your personality by dressing up as your fave emoji! Even if you don’t have a shirt with heart eyes on it, you can easily get a yellow tee and use fabric markers to draw a face on it. Pair it with a yellow tutu (just like LaurDIY in this video) and you’ve got a fun and flirty outfit! Keep the look casual and simple with comfy white sneakers and easy makeup.


Outfit: via Pinterest and YouTube

Tee: Next Level 330L Ladies’ Perfect Tee in Vibrant Yellow – $4.29 at Shirt Space

Fabric Markers: Fine Line Fabric Markers, 10 Count – $4.99 at Crayola

Sneakers: Adidas NEO Advantage Clean VS Sneaker – Womens – $54.95 at DSW

Tutu: Adult’s Yellow Tulle Tutu – $14.97 at Oriental Trading Co.


Here’s another look I’m totally obsessed with. I love that it’s quirky and fun, but also classy and sort of old fashioned. All you really need is a red and white skirt/dress (or a red or white skirt you can paint the opposite color on), some computer paper, a yellow marker and a hot glue gun. Take a look at Studio DIY’s cool and easy step-by-step tutorial for this costume, and don’t forget to rock a classic red lip!


Outfit: via Delish and Studio DIY

Crop Top: Express One Eleven Abbreviated V-Neck Halter – $5.99 at Express

Flats: Candy Color Patent Leather Pointed Toe Slip On Flat Ballet Shoe in Yellow – $8.43 at New Chic

Glue Gun: Craft Smart Mini Glue Gun, High Temp – $2.99 at Michael’s

Dress: Modern Twirl Dress – $34.99 at Modcloth

I hope that these DIY ideas have inspired you to make your own last minute costume this weekend! Let me know if you test out one of the ideas, and Tweet me pictures of your costumes! Have a happy and safe Halloweekend, everyone!



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Back to School: Look #4: Maxi Dress

Hey, everyone! If any of you know me, you know that I love maxi dresses! This super simple back to school outfit features a maxi dress in a style that is perfect for the first week of school! Hope you all enjoy!

Maxi Dress

Here’s your chance to make your favorite summer attire hallway appropriate! Throw on your fave maxi dress, whether it’s patterned or solid, tank or sleeved, and get ready to strut your stuff! Pick something that’s hemmed to about the middle of the top of your foot, that way you won’t be tripping all over it! Also, try to avoid strapless, as they are against most school dress codes and you don’t want to have a mega malfunction!

target maxi dress olive

urban outfitters maxi dress brown

scarf maxi dress charlotte russe



For this outfit, I would stick to a simple pair of metallic gold flat sandals. It will keep your look grounded, but will also give it a bit of shine. I prefer flats because they’re easier to walk around in, but if you prefer a heel, look for something that is relatively low. The idea is to look and feel comfortable and relaxed, so don’t pick a pair of shoes that you just can’t walk in!

embellished gold sandals make me chic

gold sandals just fab

coconuts gold sandal



For this ensemble, I would stick to a few pieces of jewelry, like a gold charm bracelet, gold stud earrings, and a gold statement ring. With those added pieces, you’ll look glam in an understated way, and you won’t look like you’re trying to hard!

star charm bracelet

boho glitz earrings

pink hydro ring


If anyone has any ideas for this outfit or decides to try something like it, let me know in the comments below or send a picture to my email: tantilizinglytasteful@gmail.com! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr, tantalizingly-tasteful.tumblr.com, and my Instagram, @tonirose08! Love you guys xx


In This Article:

Junior’s Crochet Top Maxi Dress in Olive, $29.99 at Target

Silence + Noise Ashlyn Maxi T-Shirt Dress in Brown, $59.00 at Urban Outfitters

Scarf Print Empire Waist Maxi Dress, $20.00 at Charlotte Russe

Joburg-05h Metallic Embellished Sandals in Gold, $13.00 at Make Me Chic

JF Lorraine in Gold, $49.00 (regular) or $39.95 (members) at JustFab

Coconuts Lily Flat Sandal in Gold, $49.95 at DSW

Star Charm Bracelet, $3.80 at Forever 21

Boho Glitz Earrings, $6.50 at Claire’s

Pink Hydro Wrap Ring, $39.00 at JewelMint

Back to School: Look #2: Maxi Skirt

When it comes to Back to School time, I like to bring summer with me to the hallways. I find that it helps me stay calm, cool and collected as I readjust to September. This look is just what I need to bring a simple, tropical look to school.  Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Maxi Skirt

During the summer months, I could just live in maxi dresses. They’re comfortable and easy to throw on.  A maxi skirt serves the same purpose- except for the fact that I don’t own one. So, for this outfit, I’ll be using my favorite maxi dress as a makeshift maxi skirt. It’s up to you which one you choose to use.

I think that a maxi skirt without a slit is more appropriate for school, so I set out to find you guys a skirt that’s still just as stylish and fun. I found one printed one and one solid colored one. I find that maxi skirts that fit closer to the body are better for this outfit, but you make it work with what you have or what you’re comfortable with. For the patterned skirt, I chose a scroll-print in bright colors like orange, teal, fuchsia and yellow. It reminds me of a gypsy skirt, which is the sort of vibe we’re going for with this outfit. For the solid colored skirt, I chose a simple burgundy skirt that incorporates fall colors in a summery outfit. My dress is blue with a reverse ombré look to it- it gets darker as it gets longer. I find that maxi dresses and skirts in a solid color make my short legs look longer, but the choice is all yours.  Just don’t forget that you have to be able to walk in your maxi, which means making sure it’s a good length. I like mine to hit the middle of the top of my foot, that way it’s still long but I don’t have to worry about tripping on it.

scroll print maxi

burgundy maxi


White Tank Top

To play off the color of the maxi skirt and keep it as the focal point of the outfit, I would pair it with a white tank top. I’m choosing to tuck a plain white tank top into the waistband of my “skirt” and balloon it out, but you can choose a more intricate tank top with lace or crocheting or whatever other detail you choose. The point of the white is to create contrast between the top and bottom halves of your outfit. The tank top keeps it summery, but if you don’t feel comfortable having your arms so exposed, feel free to wear a V-neck T-shirt or wear a sweater, There are also so many types of tank tops, so choose one that you’re comfortable in and that will hide your bra straps (I’m not allowed out of the house with my bra straps showing, so that’s important for me.) My choice tank top would be something with thick straps and a thick fabric, that way my bra can’t be seen through it. If you can see your bra through your tank, I would layer either a white cami or a nude bandeau underneath your tank. If you feel comfortable, you can wear just the cami. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, you can pair the skirt with a white lace bustier top. It will show a little skin- make sure your school dress code allows it!- and accentuate a tiny waist. One last fun example that I’m going to show you is a cage-backed cami. It gives your outfit an edgy flare, but you have to be careful about your bra showing. Don’t forget, there are endless varieties or white tanks!

white tank

white cami

white lace bustier

cage back cami


I think this outfit would go perfectly with silver sandals (you’ll see why in the Accessories section below), but of course I don’t own a pair and I’m not going to buy a pair now. So, I’ll be wearing this outfit with black flip flops. It keeps my outfit grounded and down-to-earth, not to mention comfortable. I wouldn’t wear a pair with an applique or accessory on the top, though. I feel like that distracts from the rest of the outfit, and my “skirt” would most likely get stuck on them. If you want to wear silver sandals, I would suggest a pair of gladiator sandals. It gives a goddess-like effect to your outfit, and makes your shoe more of an accessory than a necessity. I also recommend something flat because it is, after all, school, but I’ll also include a high-heeled example for those of you who feel comfortable walking in heels.

black flip flops

silver sandals

silver wedges


To finish off any outfit, you need accessories. For this outfit, I would start out with a thin silver belt around my natural waist. Since my “skirt” is actually a dress, the belt will help to keep it in place while drawing attention to my tiniest part. It would also match the silver sandals, but that’s not my priority, since I don’t have silver sandals. Don’t worry if your shoes and your belt aren’t the same color- they’re far enough away from each other that you won’t be able to tell if they clash. I also think this outfit calls for a statement necklace to add some bling to the tank top. Try to look for something in a similar color to your skirt. For the patterned skirt, choose one or two colors from the pattern and see if you can find something similar. For the solid colored skirt, try to find a skirt with that color and another color so your outfit doesn’t look too matchy matchy. If you can’t find a necklace that matches your skirt, stick to something silver. Feel free to add whatever other accessories you’d like!

silver belt

orange necklace

aztec geo necklace

silver necklace

If anyone has any ideas for this outfit or decides to try something like it, let me know in the comments below or send a picture to my email: tantilizinglytasteful@gmail.com! Also don’t forget to follow my Tumblr: tantalizingly-tasteful.tumblr.com! Love you guys xx

In This Article:

Scroll Print Maxi Skirt, $24.80 at Forever 21

Joe Benbasset Maxi Skirt in Burgundy, $19.99 at Kohl’s

My Women’s Tube Maxi Dress in Dip Dye Cool, $24.97 at Old Navy

Women’s Jersey-Stretch Tamis in Bright White, $8.00 at Old Navy

Women’s Premium Jersey-Stretch Camis in Bright White, $12.50 at Old Navy

Buttoned Lace Bustier in Ivory, $13.80 at Forever 21

Cage-Back Solid Knit Tank in White, $9.99 at Charlotte Russe

Rock & Candy Lollipops Flat Sandal in Black, $19.95 at DSW

Kelly & Katie Phoebe Flat Sandal in Silver, $39.95 at DSW

BCBG Paris Luna Wedge Sandal in Silver, $69.95 at DSW

Merona Metallic Skinny Belt in Silver, $14.99 at Target

High Voltage Beaded Necklace in Orange/gold, $6.80 at Forever 21

Aztec Geo Necklace, $29.99 at JewelMint.com

Etched Feather Necklace, $8.80 at Forever 21